Kristen & Ryan | Sedona Engagement Photos | Arizona Wedding Photographer

When I met Kristen at a bridal show early this year, I knew that she and I could be friends in real life.  She was so relaxed and happy to be chatting about her wedding.  I was so excited to photograph her engagement photos, and as Ryan, Kristen and I were talking about where to do them, we realized that I would be in Sedona on Kristen's birthday weekend.  Since Ryan had proposed to Kristen in Sedona, it was almost too perfect and we had to schedule the engagement photos there.  I was able to be in town a few days early, and as a wedding photographer who travels the country, location scouting is a speciality of mine.  We found some AMAZING locations, and these two showed off their love of fun and each other surrounded my nature's majesty (and one artistic mural depicting nature's majesty :-). K & R, thank you for trusting me to capture this special time in your lives, I can't wait to be your Wedding Photographer in Phoenix later this year!! 

Sedona Red Rock Arizona Wedding Photographer

When looking for green in Sedona in the middle of February, one has to look pretty hard, but we found this beautiful spot, and I love that in these photos you would have no idea that it had snowed only 24 hours before!  It looks like Spring!!

Sedona Wedding Photographer Engagement Session

Did you catch John Wayne making a guest appearence in their engagement photos?  Oh Sedona, I love you and your Wild West history!!

Sedona Engagement Wedding Photographer Downtown Mural Photo

Quick costume change and we were off to capture some of that golden hour on the beautiful red rocks.  I love Sedona around sunset, the rocks glow all on their own.  Just like these two!!

Sedona Wedding Photographer
Sedona Wedding Photographer

LOVE LOVE LOVE the way these two are looking at each other in this next one... So much love, and a little bit of laughter, too.  My favorite mix!!

Sedona Wedding Photographer
Sedona Wedding Photographer
Sedona Wedding Photographer

Okay prepare to lose your ish compelteley... This sunset was EPIC, and look at these two, in their own (cold) little world.  They handled the cold brilliantly, and after that sun went down we booked it back to our cars and the warmth of the heater.  

Sedona Sunset Phoenix Arizona Wedding Photographer

Kristen and Ryan, thank you so much for braving the cold, and allowing me to see a little bit of what makes the two of you so great for each other.  Phil and I had so much fun with you guys, and can't wait for your wedding!!