Wedding Photographer on the Road | In Love With the Simple Pleasures

There is something I have recently learned that I love.  Admittedly it is a little strange... okay, it is a lot strange, and I'm pretty sure that the people who I have this in common with are generally under the age of two.  Doesn't matter, though... I love it all the same, and I am not ashamed to say it.  

I love watching a far away train as it moves along its track.

Weird, right?!?  Who loves that?  Who discovers in their 30's that they feel pure joy at watching a train. Who will stop whatever they are doing to stare at a train as it cuts through the landscape of desert, or valley, or mountainside.  I just watch it, and I feel so happy. There is something so American about it, so western and frontiersman about it, and I have caught myself smiling on multiple occasions throughout this year of travel simply watching a train from far away out of my car window.  Phil even points them out to me now because he knows how much it will bring me joy (What a guy, right?). I am giggling at myself right now, but also just the memory of watching a train is making me happy.

Erin Evangeline-0481.jpg

This is what I love about this time in the Airstream.  I am discovering simple pleasures that I might never have taken the time to fall in love with if I hadn't agreed to this hair-brained adventure.  You guys, a bath is amazing.  If you have a bathtub, go take a flipping bath right now.  It is SOOOO GOOD!  I don't have a bathtub in the Airstream, but I do have a shower, and even a shower, just a lovely hot shower where you feel completely clean at the end...heaven.  Good food, good wine, warmth coming off a wood-fire stove, strawberries, CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES... my list can go on and on. 

It's almost a bit ironic the things I am realizing are so special to me in this season of life.  I am on the road so that I can experience huge, amazing, special things, AND I AM!!  I have had super-sized extraordinarily special experiences, and I am forever grateful to the universe for all of them.   And even so...without fail my favorite time of day is when Phil and I come together in our tiny Airstream kitchen and cook dinner together then sit on our couch to watch an episode of one of our TV shows as we eat dinner.  You guys, anybody can do this anywhere.  The things I do during the day are amazing; capturing weddings, and hiking in National Parks, and seeing this extraordinarily beautiful country in a way that very few people ever get the chance.  I live a heightened and special life right now, but in the end those moments chopping veggies and experiencing a story together each evening are still my favorite moments of the day.  

Anyway, I was just thinking about this thing, so I thought I'd share it with you, because I'm a photographer, I'm a traveler, and I'm a person with strange thoughts, too ;-).  Hope you find your train, or some other simple pleasure today.