Won Family=LAUGHS | Phoenix Family Photography| Indian Steel Park

I was so very lucky to get the chance to second shoot a session with my good friend Angela over at Angela Dimler Photography.  She had met the awesome Won family through friends, and we spent a super fun Saturday morning capturing the first professional photos they had taken as a family ever!!!  I was mostly kiddo wrangler for the morning, so this is a short post, but I was able to get a few good shots in and wanted to share them.  Enjoy!!!

phoenix family photography-3594.jpg

Vivi decided she would rather "climb daddy" than pose for a photo at that moment.  She has such a big personality, and I know she will be a little leader wherever she goes, this photo just captures her so well, I think.  I hope everyone is laughing about it when she is a teenager!  Sometimes the moments between the "traditional" photos turn out to be my faves!

Phoenix Family Photographer

You guys, Andy was SO HAPPY that he found this leaf.  SO AMAZINGLY HAPPY!!  I'm pretty sure we were all smiling and laughing as he took it around to show everyone this SUPER EXCITING LEAF!  Unfortunately leaves are delicate, and a two year old boy doesn't always jive with that concept...but it was a beautiful relationship while it lasted :-).

Phoenix Family Photographer

It was ballet recital day, so she had to practice her moves with daddy.  I melt when I look at them.  Phil (my super cute boyfriend) saw these photos, sighed, and said that he wants moments like this when he has a daughter...and I just completely turned into a puddle on the floor.  

Won 2 Vivi dancing.jpg

Hello Won Family!!!

Phoenix Family PHotographer

I mean, can you even?  Such a little cutie!!!

Phoenix Childrens photographer

So I'm gonna get on my little soapbox here.   Angela was running the kiddos around for a few shots, and so I got Leah and Mike (aka Mom and Dad) to pose for a few shots with me.  After we got them, Leah said "We haven't done that since our wedding photos!"  And the heavens rejoiced because now they have an updated photo of their love in present day!!  So often I have parents say "Oh, you don't need photos of me" and my answer is always the same.  "I might not, but you do and your kids do, too!"  Can you imagine growing up with this reminder of how much your mom and dad adore each other on the wall? I'm getting all puddly on the floor again...

Phoenix engagement photographer
Phoenix Family Photographer

I don't think anybody in the history of the world has ever been this happy to have some princess bubbles.  I wonder where he gets all this enthusiasm from...

Phoenix Children's photographer

Ahh... there it is ;-).

Phoenix Family Photographer
Won 4 end.jpg

And we end with my two favorites.  SO MUCH FUN, THIS FAMILY!  I hope you enjoy your photos, and that we get to play again sometime soon!