Rachelle & Steffen | Sneak Peek | McDowell Mountains Engagement Photos

Rachelle and Steffen were a dream to photograph.  Whenever I photograph couples, I always say that their connection to each other is the most important piece, and these two were so sweet with each other, you could feel their connection and I loved it.  I also got to have so much FUN with them.  Rachelle read through my style guide and rented her dresses from my favorite place, Rent the Runway.  She looked stunning, and the two of them together were pure dynamite!  Like Explosions of happy photographer everywhere ;-).   I usually keep my blog posts to ten or even fifteen photos, but get ready for overload, because I couldn't hold it back on this one!!

McDowell Mountain Scottsdale Engagement Session
Phoenix Engagement Photos McDowell Gateway Trail Loop

We met at one of my favorite desert spaces for engagement photos, the Gateway Loop Trail in McDowell Sonoran Preserve.  I had never seen it as green as that afternoon.  I would like to thank all the unseasonable rain we have been getting here in The Valley... Because wowza, it was gorgeous out there!! 

Phoenix Engagement Photographer.jpg

This is definitely one of my favorites... so sweet and intimate.  

Phoenix Engagement Photographer Erin Evangeline
Phoenix Engagement Photos McDowell Mountain

After our first set of images in the more casual outfits, we turned it up to ELEVEN (Spinal Tap Style).  Rachelle changed into this extraordinarily beautiful red Halston Heritage gown and Steffen threw on a snazzy blue suit.  I can't even describe how amazing they looked, but luckily I have photographic evidence for you ;-).

Phoenix Engagement Photos Desert Erin Evangeline

Rachelle's ring is perfect... a simple oval solitaire.  I am in love with it...classic and sheer perfection.  Well done, Steffen!  Plus, how sweet is an almost kiss in the background?  I looooove!

Phoenix Chicago Wedding Photographer Erin Evangeline Photography

When Rachelle sent me examples of dresses she was considering I wanted to call her up and scream " THE RED ONE, THE RED ONE!!! IT WILL LOOK AMAZING IN THE DESERT!!" But I totally kept my cool and let her know that she should choose whatever she liked best.  So I was ecstatic when she picked this bold color... I really think it paid off and contrasted the natural landscape perfectly.  Don't you agree?!?!

Scottsdale Wedding Photographer Erin Evangeline Photography
Phoenix Engagement Photos McDowell Mountian

I kept making the joke to "just dance together in the desert in your evening wear, like you do every Tuesday!"  There are extraordinary things that I ask my couples to do, wayyyyy out of the everyday ordinary, but it is totally worth it for timeless images like these!

Arizona Desert Engagement Photos Erin Evangeline Photography
Scottsdale Engagement Photos

Calling Vanity Fair... I have some new models for you!  I love joy and laughter, but I also love some editorial edge thrown in for good measure.  I totally dig these!

Erin Evangeline Phoenix Scottsdale Engagement Wedding Photography

And we end on my very favorite.  Rachelle's red dress, the desert, and the wind... SOOOO GOOD!!

Phoenix Desert Engagement Photography

Rachelle and Steffen, thank you so much for sharing such a great evening with me.  Your love is beautiful and I'm so glad that I got to capture some of it for you guys!  Hopefully these photos will always remind you of the Scottsdale desert and this special time in your life!!