Cassie + Mike + Aiden + Oliver = LOVE | Family Photography | Phoenix AZ

What do you get when you add a super awesome, laid back mama, a hilarious dad, and two energized boys under the age of 4?  YOU GET THE BREECHERS!!!  I have loved this family for a long time; ever since the day Cassie and Mike got married in my backyard.  Cassie is a great friend, and her dad is a professional photographer, so I was extra nervous to get some great shots of her family.  And if I do say so myself, I think we got some pretty good ones!!  If you are ever looking for a hell of a workout on a Saturday morning just run through a park, feed the ducks, play peek-a-boo, snuggle up to a good book, roll around on the grass, and eat some chocolate chip cookies with these boys!  After our session, I was BEAT and I can't wait to do it again!!  Check out my favorites below:

One of the sets of grandparents came to help entertain the boys and grab a few photos, I just love photos with multiple generations!

Phoenix Family Photography

"How do you blow kisses?"

Phoenix Family Photographer-2-2.jpg
Phoenix Family Photographer--3.jpg
Phoenix Family Photographer-2-3.jpg

Oliver was very interested in that particular fish... don't you just want to eat those cheeks?!?!

family photography phoenix
Phoenix Family Photographer-2-5.jpg
phoenix child photographer

While the boys went to look at ducks with Grandma, Cassie and Mike were kind enough to show me what love is like with two young boys out of sight... it was lovely, and involved only minimal incidents of nose picking... just check it out...

Phoenix Family Photographer-2.jpg
Phoenix Family Photographer-2-9.jpg

This next photo was a moment that was completely not staged... when the boys were looking at the ducks, Cassie came up behind Aiden, and he was so happy to see his mama and snuggle into her... I love this love.  I want a photo of me and my mom like this, and I'm 31...

Phoenix Family Photographer-2-12.jpg

Check out Aiden's face... cheeeeesetastic!  We have so many photos of my brother making the same face in photos and they are special treasures to us now that we are adults!

Phoenix Family Photographer-2-15.jpg

So then, Oliver pulled out his "Baby GQ"  look and all us ladies were a swoonin'...

Child photo GQ Oliver

And we ended the session with basically the definition of a happy family.  Thanks so much Breechers for coming out to play with me and my camera, we both had a really great time!!

Phoenix Family Photographer--5.jpg

Bang to the rang, friends!--EEB