I want you to have a forever reminder of the joy and love in your life

I used to be a professional actor, and once when I was working on a play, the director gave me the greatest advice of my life.  "No matter what the scene is about, always find the LOVE and the JOY."  When I photograph you, I am doing the exact same thing. I catch the love and the joy so that you can have a reminder of it forever.

I'm Erin.  I'm a photographer, traveler, and wide-eyed wonderer.  I live in a 1976 Airstream travel trailer that my husband and I restored from the ground up.  It's named the Bicentennial Falcon. My favorite pastimes include spending the best day of people's lives with them, exploring National Park to National Park, and snuggling with my husband and puppy dog Scout.  I have a loud laugh, I love a good cabernet franc, and I am on a constant search for the best tacos in the world.  I have photographed weddings in eleven states and since my home is road-worthy I can't wait to head to more.

Be it at the edge of the Grand Canyon, on a beach in the gulf coast, at the foot of a rocky mountain, or in a ballroom at the top of a downtown hotel, I want to get you in front of my lens and share a few moments of time with the real you.  The you that snuggles with the people you love, or the you that laughs whenever your dad says something embarrassing, or the you that can't wipe the goofy grin off your face at the first peek of your bride.  

I'm disarming and silly, kind and empathetic, and I want to know you and catch something amazing about you in one of my photographs.  I'm also a big fan of looking really ridiculously good looking, and I believe that every person has this ability so it is always my goal that while we are capturing your genuine self, we are making you look good at the same time :-).  

Drop me a line, let me know where your special day is happening and please give me a reason to head that way ;-).  Especially if it is Disney World.  Because seriously, I LOVE Disney World.