Ty's EP Record Listening Party- Phoenix Event Photography

I am so lucky to count some amazing artists as friends.  I have amazing photographer friends, amazing actors as friends, amazing designers as friends, and now I have an amazing recording artist as a friend.  Ty and I have known each other for a few years, and he is an awesome guy all around, but an amazingly talented singer.  Basically, Ty is the guy that you go to a dance club with...any dance club... and he will know six people and their life stories within an hour, get you free drinks from his new bartender friend, and have the person who started the night sitting sulking in a corner alone out of the floor twerkin' before the night is through.  You think that is hyperbole, but let me assure you, that's just a night out with Ty!  

For the past year, Ty has been writing and recording music, and he is very soon going to be releasing an EP entitled Greenhorn.  For a little bit of publicity, he asked me to join him for the listening party to launch his EP!  I couldn't resist, and when he got up and sang live for a song, my ears were in heaven!  I'm so proud of you, Ty!!  Enjoy some fun shots from the night and check out some of Ty's music experiments on soundcloud.

Starting off with a few of the man of the evening!

Ty Scyffore
Ty Scyffore-4199.jpg
Ty Scyffore-4205.jpg
Ty Scyffore-4201.jpg

This is Ty's old roommate and partner in awesomeness crime, Keisha.  Much like Ty, Keisha is a beast on a dance floor... but like a really pretty, sexy, beast!

Ty Scyffore-4232.jpg
Ty Scyffore-4227.jpg
Ty Scyffore-4237.jpg

Ty sang the last song on the EP live, and it was a treat for everyone involved!

After the EP played it was time for DJ Keisha to hit the stage!

Ty Scyffore-4291.jpg

Wobble, baby.  Wobble, baby.  Wobble, baby.  Wobble it!

Ty Scyffore-4294.jpg
Ty Scyffore-4298.jpg